Everyone wants a title. My emails want a title, my blog wants a title and my headmaster wants a title to my lesson. I always think who cares about a title? It must be that ’70s culture still attached to me. You know,that ‘who cares’. Maybe it isn’t limited to the the 70s. Truth be told I hardly ever have a title to my lesson, but if he wants one quick I can make one up quick!
Yesterday Nick came by and was asking where he might see an eagle. So I told him the spots I had seen them and said that he might someone to come along so you have two pairs of eyes looking out for birds and for traffic. Then I got smart and invited myself along! It wqas kind of a gloomy day and had started to spritz before we got anywhere. There was no traffic on the Muddy Run Dam so he just stopped the truck on the road and we gazed into the gorge there. Then we turned on to 372 and went over Noman Wood Bridge over the Susquehanna (Luisa used to say Quisquishanna- I can’t think of it without thinking of that lovely lispy sound!) and took a turn right along it to the Holtwood Dam which is a major source of energy for Pennsylvanians. You can walk right down to the water, although they have big warning signs that say if you hear sirens you had better scat! Nick got several good pictures with his new digital camera. Maybe if we’re lucky he will post them someday.
I am so sleepy from this cold. I am not quite sure what it is. I always hate to go to bed with a cold because lying there makes me cough more. We’re having leftover Chinese food for lunch. Hurray for the Chinese!
p.s. It was too rainy for birds like eagles

One thought on “titles

  1. Comments for Melinda

    Couldn’t help thinking, as I was reading your blog, that you possess a certain talent for writing, even if you aren’t so good at titles. I saw a bald eagle on 741 right near the corn maze a couple of years ago. They apparently know that there’s a turkey farm nearby. It was an amazing site. Just wanted to post so you’d know you had a visitor to your site.

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