What now? What then?

There is your translation of my title. The first one was so unoriginal that I had to come up with something else! So my little Latin dictionary serves me well. I always tell my students that I think that ‘tunc’ and ‘nunc’ sound like hobbits! Joel and I are toasting ourselves by the fire and he is gorging on football because the Ravens and the Colts are playing and the Colts used to be the Baltimore team. Then we have to watch the Eagles because they actually made it to playoffs! I’m just playing on the computer and I take a break now and then for a good cough! I’m very tolerant since he spent a few days at a Trade Show this week. And he keeps that fire going. Trade Show season is back. Not my favorite time, and it lasts till the end of July. He likes doing them, though.
Yesterday at school we had ‘Pastor Appreciation Day’ and I had a Catholic priest visit my classroom. I had this feeling it wasn’t the first time. My 6th graders are a pretty bouncy bunch but they are *engaged* for the most part and we made it fun for him. After we had sung ‘Pater te Adoro’ he said, I never heard that one in Latin and I had to tell him I made it up…. the Latin part, but it was pretty straightforward.
I stayed home sick on Thursday and I watched TV all day! I don’t think I ever did that before! I watched the Today show and a couple of boring talk shows, a whole lot of commercials! Then I put in Monarch of the Glen DVD and watched all four episodes!
Well, this is enough for the first time. Maybe later Jeannette and I can make it pretty!


5 thoughts on “What now? What then?

  1. You are so totally electronically up to date. Nice catchin’ up with you Melinda. Hey, did I tell you that Jessica Tibbels is having a baby toward the end of May? Probably not. I never get to talk to you at church. This week (tomorrow/today) I’ll be handing out new nursery schedules . Imagine the surprise of some of my “volunteers” to find out they’re on the schedule ; ) I have a big zit on my chin that I get to wear to church tomorrow (I can’t wait). My personal thermostat’s broken, too. I think going through menopause is so exciting. You just never know what’ll come next! Well, I’m off to bed. Love you, sister. Therese

  2. Am I on the nursery volunteer list? I slept late this morning , nursing whatever it is I have and Joel had his turn to water.

  3. Hey, hey! This is so cool that you’re doing this,too. I never can get enough of your writing. It’s so beautiful! Jeannette’s inherited your ability. Looking forward to staying more caught up on your life.

  4. Awwww, you’re so sweet! hAHAHAHAHA I remember you and I talking about our boys and while we liked them and all, sweet wasn’t the word we would use on them! At least not Sam and Will!

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