Songs my Mother Taught Me

  On Monday Jeannette with Ellis came and stayed overnight.

On Tuesday I played with Ellis and took him to our neighbor’s farm where we saw horses , cows, newborn calves, and Boston Terriers that he thought were cats (!) and picked up a stroller Grandma can use and a new truck toy. In the evening we went to G’mom’s (great grandmom!) and spent a good 45 minutes getting into stuff in her room)

On Wednesday I went to school in the morning, slaved away all day, came home, whipped up a 20 second delicioso supper (slight exaggeration- the speed part) and took off for a music committee meeting at church.

On Thursday it was crunch time as Progress Reports were due at the end of the day on Friday and I was still grading papers that had to be in the grade. My brother, Ron, also arrived and stayed overnight.

On Friday we had a tow hour snow delay and that re-arranges the day a bit and I was squeezing out the ominous Progress Reports. Finished, we headed ‘down the country’ to my sister’s, Emily’s, for a family party while Ron and Diana were here. Sam arrived later and Nick drove down from Lancaster. That was one late night!

On Saturday I cleaned Sam’s room , so now it is no longer Sam’s room. He turned 21 on Thursday and he has his own apartment. While there is still some of his paraphernalia (that looks very Greek and Latin to me!) I couldn’t bring myself to dispose of, it is a guest room, big enough for a double bed and a crib! And there is enough space in the closet to put a high chair to wait for its usefulness! Joel and I took Sam and a couple of his friends out to eat for supper. We were going to go to Texas Rodehouse but they had a nearly a 2 hour wait at 7PM so we went to out favorite, Kalhoun’s, where the food is always good. Double meaning inteneded!

Sunday I got up and got to church early so I could practice with my friend Eileen Cawood, as I was singing in church. After we came home we jumped in the car and took Sam back to Temple U and popped in on Bob and Grace Haymes (who tuned the piano for the Saturday night performance of Prairie Home Companion in Philadelphia!!!!) stopped by the Joneses to see if Ellis is still as cute as he was a few days earlier. That covers a large part of Philly in my mind anyway!

When I went to bed I thought of the little ditty I think I learned from my mother and it makes me laugh to think of it, but I am not sure it is supposed to!

so here is my song;

On Sunday I am happy

On Monday full of joy

On Tuesday I have peace within that nothing can destroy

On Wednesday and on Thursday I’m walking in the light

Oh, Friday is a heavenly glow

And Saturday’s always bright!”

And that my dear friends is the inspiration of this blog!


2 thoughts on “Songs my Mother Taught Me

  1. Ah, I’ve been waiting for a new blog. I’ve linked your blog to mine so that one can read them all. I’ve linked Linnea’s and Jeannette’s too. Anyone else we know that does this? With all my time at home lately, it’s been a “voice” for me. *smile* Glad you saw Ron and Diana!

  2. One more “mom song” memory. Yesterday in church we sang, “All my life long I have panted….” only there’s a new tune to it. Any tune would be an improvement over that sing-song old tune! Does give it freshness. Have you sung it?

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