Supposed Snow

‘Supposed’ is a funny word. I would always get on my kids’ case if they said “He’s supposed to be in the third grade.” Well, if he was supposed to be, he would be, right?? And if it is supposed to snow, it will right? That’s what they say. I’m ready for a snow day. I even brought extra books home.
This week my mother-in-law moved from ‘assisted living’ to ‘skilled care’. She’s got a spry brain and a weak body. She is 76 years old. She doesn’t seem very old to me. We went down to talk to her social worker right after we got away from our respective jobs and helped move some of her stuff ‘for now’ , however long ‘for now’ should turn out to be. She found out today that she may buzz all over the Retirement community she is part of and it made her happy to know she can still see friends she has made so far. She just can’t get in and out of bed by herself. Some of it is still a puzzle to me.


3 thoughts on “Supposed Snow

  1. OOOO, I love the new look! Warm. And I love warm right now! It’s nice Mary can still see her friends and be somewhat independent while still getting cared for.

    I’m supposed to be lying down getting rid of this headache…..!

  2. Yea. We want Celeste’s blog!!

    Except she’ll have to write in normal English, for the rest of us to get it. (Sorry I don’t always comment b/c i usually read the blogs through my feed-reader)

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