First in February

The first snowfall to stay on the ground has finally arrived. If you read Jeannette’s post, it’s the same one she got ‘damp’ in on Friday night. I stepped out of the school and thought, “Oh, it’s raining…………no, it’s a mix……… and by the time I got to my car there were bif snow flakes falling thickly. I stopped and visited someone on the way home from school and the roads were getting slushy, so I was glad to just stay in. I love a white world. I had a lovely drive to Philadelphia in the white world yesterday morning. Sam popped into jeannette’s while we were there and said he was going down to the creek ‘to play’.
We moved into this house 10 years ago on February 1st. Luisa’s birthday was the next day and a lady at church made her a cake. I think it is the longest I have ever lived in one place in my whole life.


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