I work with very interesting people. One of my friends and colleagues who is a lot smarter than me when it comes to languages (and maybe a few other things!) extracted this word from a dream. A mean bossy lady in his dream was labeled with it and here are his resultant definitions:

1. Overdogly is applied to one who acts as an overdog, forcing his or her strength and superiority over the rest of us, who are but underdogs.

    2. Overdogly means too doglike in character.  In this signification, the dog isn’t man’s best friend: the reference is to the Biblical characterization of the dog as mean, vicious and cowardly.

    3. Lastly, overdogly means just too ugly.


    Overdogly.  It’s a powerful word.  Use it sparingly.

    My desk is right next to my classroom door and it is easy to stop in and chat. The calculus teacher shares my classroom and his class is first thing in the morning and all the classes open up with pledges. Sometimes they grab my Latin Bible for the pledge and the teacher told them, “You grab that one, you say it in Latin!” So I did a translation, tacked it to the board and there is the calculus class reciting Latin! Then there is our high school English teacher (whose degree is in German) who I can go several rounds with me over how to explain the differences between our uses of the preposition ‘to’ and how it all fits into the greater scheme of things in English. You can also Google this, but it is more fun to discuss it until you are stumped. Then there is the Art teacher to whom I gave our precious copy of Hans Rookmaker’s  Modern Art . He and his students are getting a whole lot of mileage out of it. I told him he also needed to see or read How Should we Then Live. Then a month or two ago the history teacher loaned it to him! We have these serious art talks and I am not sure that he doesn’t know I can’t draw a thing to save my soul!  And then there is ‘Mr. Overdogly”  :>] who is giving me the rundown on Shakespeare for this year (looking for a volunteer, no doubt) but at least we got that thing put on the proper shelf in time and space! And I got my Richards disconfused! The computer doesn’t like that word any more than overdogly! But I am going to stick with it because I like the sound of it.

   I have survived Trade Show II. Joel spent the week in
Boston and I spent the week trying to keep the house warm and having interesting conversations and seeing whom I could mooch a meal off of so I didn’t have to return to my empty house. I have an electric mattress pad that has been one of the best buys I have ever made!!!

Ciao for now (or chunc for nunc!)


One thought on “Overdogly

  1. Oooh! I like the new stylesheet. I was it itching to change it for you, since I have your password, but I let you figure it out. 🙂 I did give you a profile pic, though (rather overdogly of me, eh?). heh, heh.

    I can attest. You can’t draw a circle. 🙂

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