Element of Dumb

Sing this with ‘Mary Poppins’ in mind , with her spoonful of sugar“In every job that must be donethere is an element of dumbYou find the dumb and Crash! You’ve made a messAnd every task you undertakeSomething always seems to breakA glass, a dish, I always seem to miss!” 

That was what I thunked up after spilling a pitcher of water holding flowers for me while I was putting groceries away Saturday.  I have just spent hours and hours at my computer at school and can hardly believe I am sitting here. I have my good friend James Ward on the CD player. Remember the song about traveling and he does both sides of the argument; “Oh, I hope we stay at the Holiday
Inn!” “No, it costs too much to be stopping again!” But this song does not include the ‘screamin’ in the back seat, startin’ to get to me”, so there must be another traveling song. (hmmmmmm… could that have been katiek?) I think that was the one we identified with the most, well…. It would really be hard to say. Generally, our kids were good travelers except for one whose name starts with ‘S’!  I am trying to cut my grocery bill and so last week’s strategy included going to market and then to Target for the ‘dry stuff’. I thought I did pretty good and managed to get in fresh flowers. I am also trying the ‘I don’t feel like planning’ strategy for mealtimes. I think a little , open the refrigerator door, and come up with pretty good stuff. I left school at 6 and we finished eating shortly after 7, a real hot dinner, too! We had fettuccine (with spinach pasta) with sauce that I added a smidge of meat left from something, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. Joel cut up a mango and I cut up honeydew, and say, it was hot and good and easy. Can’t ask for anything more!     Central Market is always a wonderful place to find goodies. I don’t go very often, so it always seems a treat. People like to talk. Sometimes someone is rude, but that always happens in crowds. If people are selling a thing they make themselves, or grow, they generally like to chat and fix things so that it is easy for you to carry. I got the flowers for my mother-in-law. I don’t think she has had any all winter.    The greenhouse where Joel works is having a banner spring. For some people, Spring comes a little early. This is great. We are thankful.   Last week I saw a picture of my throat, on the inside. I went to Greater Baltimore Medical Center to a clinic where they do free vocal screenings. It looked really good. So that’s not my problem, which is good to know. I still have to figure it out. Maybe when I quit teaching I will go back to normal. That happens to some people.  


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