Jiffy Pop

When I was in Target the other day i spotted Jiffy Pop for a dollar. I had never had the Jiffy Pop experience and I thought at that price it was high time I got it!
During our weekly Sunday evening hot dog roast in the firelpace I produced my Jiffy Pop and the conversation went like this:
“You can’t put that in the fireplace’
“I can’t????!! Who says?’
“You cook it on the stove. Look it says, “do not cook in fireplaces or campfires. Must be cooked on stove or camping stove'”
“Well, what’s the fun in that?”
You don’t dirty a pot, You can just throw it away.”
“I don’t believe it. What if I put it on the woodstove?”
Woodstove is in fireplace “There isn’t enough space.”
“What can happen? There are some nice coals in there. I’m going to give it a try.”
Give it a try I did. I shook it like they said. I used a mitt so I wouldn’t burn my hand. And I had the Experience of Jiffy Poop, I mean Pop, the way it was meant to be. All those poor kids that thought the fun was in not dirtying a pot…………


One thought on “Jiffy Pop

  1. Heavens! Who would want to dirty a pot! Yeah, I thought those commercials looked so cool. Fireplace is the way to go, as long as it doesn’t burn.

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