With ’em here, with ’em gone

Sam and Luisa are home on Spring Break. Yesterday I had a snow day. The last one, I hope. we will get a day tacked on the end of the school year during our Shakespeare week. But yesterday we had a leisurely day together discussing books and papers. I enjoyed it. Sam told his friends he was bored, but I’ll bet he liked it a little bit! The house has a different kind of life in it when they are here, and I like it. I like it when it is just Joel and me in our cozy nest, too.

  Chris and Jeannette came on Tuesday and I took care of Ellis while they went out. I took E. on his first ever trip to Middle Creek where we saw Snow geese and tundra swans by the thousands. We also saw a flock of wild turkey in a field not far from MC. I’m too tired to type straight!

One thought on “With ’em here, with ’em gone

  1. Hi! I was doing a search to find out who else blogged about Middlecreek and the geese and I think you must be the woman with the small child who was looking at the birds at the feeders when I came in with my 3 kids. If you want to see a picture of that red-bellied woodpecker we saw that afternoon head on over to my blog!

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