Book Store hiatus

This evening was spent browsing the local Barnes and Noble. After watching ‘You’ve Got Mail’, I got a megabookstore itch! It used to be the Border’s Book store, but B&N has the corner on Starbucks, so that is where we usually end up. I spent part of the time sitting in a cushy chair browsing ‘Real Simple’s ideas pf oragnizing every facet of the house, part of the time sipping frappucino at a table drooling over a stencil book with the actual stencils in the back of the book and discussing woth Joel whether I could buy it or not. We decided I had been so frugal with the groceries this week that I could! Then I had a long discussion with someone I knew who is a history professor. We think he lives there at the bookstore. Then I went into the CD section and listened to sample CDs. My latest target is Alan Hovahness. And I forget the name of the recording. Years ago Joel’s mom gave e a Hovahness recording and it is very abstract. This was less so, more on the lines that I could start a day with. I had squanewred time talking, so I was zipping along. I listened to Carmina Burana because I wish iw as rich enough to have gone to hear it at the Acaemy of Music in Philly tonight. I wasn’t that frugal with my groceries. That would have been more than the whole grocery budget!! It is really fun to listen to AND to sing. Then I popped in a Mozart Requiem , but there were two fabulouds chorla pieces before the Requiem. Maybe ‘Inter…..something something ‘ and a ‘Misericordium’. And I was thinking Mozart was boring. I really have to get out more. You know, in Cedar Rapids Iowa , we could listen to whole recordings at the library. It was wonderful.And they have a really substantial collection. And I did that way back in the early 90’s! If you want to download something truly beautiful to listen to, if it can be downloaded, You ought ot download the ‘Flower duet’ (or something like that in French) from Delibes’ ‘Lakme’. It is breathtaking. I dreamt someone was sining it in a church and I really did hear it in my dreams. Someday I am going to sing it. I do have that on a CD.
Tightwad Nick showed up this morning grumbling that his friend and his fiance’ were having a shower and he is invited. “Aren’t showers girl stuff and isn’t there a limit on how many one can have? And on top of this he would have to get a wedding present ,too!” Poor lad. I let him take me to the fabric store right around the corner and I got some snazzy material and made them both aprons! It was fun, and it didn’t cost Nick ten bucks. I was out of the fabric store in 10 minutes,too, and it is really a drooly fabric store. He needs to get married. Then he’ll see the fun of it all.


One thought on “Book Store hiatus

  1. I went to Target and bought the bride’s dishtowels, cut strips off one of them for the ties and strap around the neck, left one whole and voila! there was the apron. She thought it was so cool!

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