Around the World in Three Days


Last week I went around the world in 3 days. I saw hippos, monkeys, penguins, zebras, wild pigs. I saw a cloister in
France, and a tea room in
Japan and a Korean shrine, medieval knights ‘suited up’ in their armor, and Dutch ceramics, Shaker furniture and water birds in the wild. On a beautiful Tuesday when the weather was in the 70’s (a very dim memory now!), I went to
Philadelphia and called my friend Grace who asked if Ellis and I wanted to go to the zoo. Did we! I had been to the
Philadelphia zoo once a very long time ago in the wintertime and it just wasn’t very interesting. It was much nicer in the warm weather. The orangutans put on a circus act for us and the penguins and polar bears splashed around. The entrance to the zoo is filled with magnolia trees in full bloom and they were just clouds of pink. All
Philadelphia had spring break and they were all at the zoo! Or so it seemed. Two days later in the midst of snow flurries I found myself on the way to Philly again, this time to the Art Museum with a pile of 8th graders and their art teacher. Mr. Art teacher and I have had a lot of conversations about art and we actually gave our Hans Rookmaker book to him (Modern Art and the Death of a Culture) because we knew he could make good use of it instead of it sitting as a treasure on our shelves, and he has. He felt like he had ‘company’ with HR, as though he was his friend. So I had the ‘honor’ of traveling with the 8th graders! Actually they were pretty good and we had a good day overall. I had been there just last Christmas, so I felt like I ‘knew’ something. It is an amazing place. You can get lost in it. You go into a gallery and you can go deeper and deeper, and there are all kinds of things to explore  Saturday I was in the saddle again going to my sister Emily’s new home in
Smyrna, DE. As I consulted the map I noticed that
Smyrna is just west of Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge and it is one of favorite, though rarely visited, water bird places. One time we went there we let Sam sit on the hood of the car and hold the binoculars, since at that stage in his life, he knew what everything was! After Em and I did some serious unpacking and straightening in the basement, we drove off for BH, with the binoculars I brought left in my car as we rode in hers! We did identify some herons, egrets, spoonbills, and a lone bufflehead. On further consultation with the family ornithologist ( I guess he still knows something I don’t), we saw a black ibis as well. It was pretty cold, so we stayed on the car, but noted places for future explorations.
Smyrna is about a 2 hour drive, if you don’t stop.  Well, I started this a few days ago so I am going to get it posted! And you can catch up on my ‘wild life’.  J


2 thoughts on “Around the World in Three Days

  1. You went to the zoo with your grand child? BUt you’ve never taken your daughter?!

    good thing I have an Aunt Em

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