Music and Men

I used to share a room with my older sister, one of the faithful readers of this blog. We were essentially the ‘odd couple’. She was the ______ and I was the slob! One time she walked into our room and looked at me with the radio going ( the radio snatched out of my mother’s kitchen) and said “Music and Men, that is all you think about!” I was ‘going with’ `the young man who would one day be my husband , but I was probably about 15 at the time.

  The other day I had a cleaning fit. I usually think about Rachael in my cleaning fits!!! I always think about how fast she can see what needs doing and get it done. But on Satireday I thought I would limit my cleaning to certain places and really clean. I had a good time doing it, too for about a half a day. I persevered till I was done. The kitchen sparkled. The living room had music and toys left out from Easter ( I need tracks to prove that children really were here) put away. I just don’t usually think about dirt and messiness. Music and the Man of the Place suit me just fine. I was doing lesson plans yesterday when a friend who is just finishing seminary called. He mentioned he had spent a good part of the day translating and it sounded so fun to me. Much better than lesson plans. I have ideas . I am not a planner. But ideas are nothing without plans, so like the cleaning, I muck through plans , too, thinking about my sister.

  Rachael used to crawl in bed on certain nights and say, “Clean body, clean hair, clean nighty, clean sheets.Perfect!” I always knew I had at least one thing missing. Well, Saturday, I done it all. I even did the laundry that washed my sheets and clothes, too. Plus, I went out to eat with the Birthday Boy.

Just remember, I didn’t call you any nasty things in this blog!


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