Kissing on the Appalachian Trail

Sorry, no pictures! I got wanderlust on Saturday and we drove up 501 to the Appalachian Trail. We got out and started to walk a bit, but then it started to rain. So we turned to go back to the car and I said , The least we could do is kiss! So that was Saturday. We have been feverishly working on out yard, weeding, mulching and dividing and replanting, planting new things. It is starting to look gorgeous. Joel hasn’t had a spring where he came home at regular times, most of the time, in years, me thinks, and he is plowing in. So have I, but I am a lot slower than he is. I still can get things done. I’d come home form school and put my garden duds on and get to work. We are also trying to rid the yard of pesky animals, such as rabbits and groundhogs. We did lose a few plants from the garden. Tomorrow I will probably buy more plants and make better cages. Sam and a friend knocked off several rabbits and there aren’t 4 rabbits underfoot every time I step out the door. Joel snapped one groundhog in a trap, yea for Joel!

I am in my last weeks of teaching and starting to tell the kids that I am not going to be their teacher next year. They have already replaced me! I am not quite sure what I will do, but I will have to do something. Something without paperwork and homework and meetings and deadlines. Maybe I will become Amish! Do I have to say “just kidding”? I remember ages ago when I had babies and there weren’t any school calendars on our walls, I could live with the season. If the summer continued after August 29th, why then I could keep on having summer! We can take a vacation in October!  I put in at least 12 tomatoe plants and if the groundhogs don’t get them, I will have me a great crop of tomatoes!

Well, I have to get ready for school . we are watching La Vita E Bella in 8th grade this week. We had our Final on Friday. We’re done with hard work!


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