The Endings of Things

 This spring my daughter finished her Master’s thesis and collected her degree. We watched a friend who is in his 50’s finish seminary and become ordained. And I finished teaching Latin after being 8 years at the same school. It was a great run, but I am rather glad to be done. I love teaching. I don’t love school! I knew I was getting a little ragged around the edges as well and wished I had done some things that I didn’t get around to. There will certainly be some things to be missed , but I want to do something that has no homework and no weekly meetings. There- I said it- it’s done.

 I am having a struggle logging on here with a new computer system and only have been able to so with the old one the last few imes, but it seems as though I spend an hour or so trying to figure this out and still don’t get it straightened out!!

I told my headmaster I was looking forward to planting the garden and reaping it , too! It is a rather nice garden, if I may say so myself. It looks rather lush, we have had some nice rains. Joel and I have been plowing through the yard and getting things cleaned out and tidied up and planted. There is a roadside stand just a few minutes away that sells annuals cleaned out from greenhouses after Memorial Day and they sell them for 6 bucks a flat. I can hardly keep my hands off them. I don’t, really, but I do have a couple flats of flowers I intend to plant up today, probably after I get off here. I put blogging on my list of ‘things to do’ so it is legitimate. Singing is legitimate, too. Luisa brought home a new tune to ‘Blest Be the Tie that Binds’ from church on Sunday. She went to church at Westminster with Nick. I think I am going to make it my ‘reunion solo’. Scott and Mary gave us a digital camera so I can start putting pics on here, but I probably won’t figure it out until we come back from vacation.

Luisa and I had a fun time at the beach with the Stovers. We went to Cape Henlopen. We thought of taking pictures and sending them to the family “The DiBernardos and the Stovers at the beach” to mimic “The Petersons, Calhouns and Freemans at Grandma’s” . We’ll see what they look like. The teenagers had the cameras. Then as we were getting into the carKatelyn  discovered she had left hers on the beach. So she ran back , looked around and it was still there! So that was a happy ending!

Valete omnes!

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