The Reason for Quiet

There is a reason for quiet in my blogging world. I have having too much fun to sit and write. But since I can find time to read a book, a little, anyway, I’ll warm this engine up again. I should have written days ago and called it “XXX Anni” as Joel and i celebrated our 30th anniversary.  I did think of titling a blog that way. The very day found us doing things we like to do- working in the yard and working in the yard. We had just gotten back from a road trip that went as far as Minnesota for a family reunion during which my Uncle Paul declared the canoe trip down the St. Croix an annual event, traveling across Iowa. It was just the two of us, except when we picked up Mom and went to MN, and we stopped when we wanted. Coming back we went the small town route through Iowa of places I had not been to for a very long time. There is still a thriving magnolia tree in Central City. We went down Buffalo Ridge Road that goes along the Buffalo River. Joel and I first spotted Virginia Bluebells along the Buffalo River. It is also the river that ran near our home when I was a kid that was probably the most remote we ever lived, being 5 miles from a paved road. I don’t remember going on that road before, but perhaps I have many eons ago in my childhood. We found Stone City. I remembered it was something to look at, and it is. I have a few pictures when I get clever enough to load them. I promise I will soon. It was great catching up with old friends and we got to visit a piano technician’s shop with the Belzes, right out there in the middle of the cornfield!

So… we got back, worked on the yard and went to Baltimore, the land of our beginnings. We stayed in town and spent a lot of time at the Inner Harbor, riding around in the water taxi like regular tourists! One of them was called the Indefatigable, for Horatio Hornblower fans! We ate crabs the way they were meant to be eaten, over newspaper, and in delicately broiled crabcakes, and watched fireworks over the harbor. It is always nice of people to do fireworks for our anniversary. we always appreciate it! Anybody else get fireworks for theirs????  Truth be told , we watched them from our motel room and we had given up and had the New York ones on TV, since the weather had had a nasty turn. Then about 9:45 we hear boom boom and music that didn’t go with the TV, so we turned off the TV and enjoyed the local show. We checked in to the Art Museum which is free in Balto, to see some mosaics from Antioch, splendid things.

We concluded with a ride on dinner boat on the Harbor, which was very nice. We were a little surprised when we weren’t getting our own table and were seated at a table for 8, but it turned out okay. The couple across from us were from Lancaster. The husband had grown up around the corner from us. Another woman was from Iowa City and her husband was from Annapolis. They are both musicians in the USAF. I showed her my recent pictures from my camera of which there are too many cloud pictures and we drooled together. They were celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

After that, well, Joel had a cough that sounded deep and after getting some medication he had an allergic reaction to it and ended up in the ER plus an overnight at the hospital. He has gradually recuperated and left me for part 2 of Trade Show season.  I wrestled with these white polo shirts he has to wear and told him to tel his boss I hate them. He said he already knows! Well, at least it isn’t the dead of winter and I  don’t have to be mainly occupied in keeping the house warm, plus, I’ve got Sam and Lu for company and I can go places if I want to, not being tied down to a job.

Well, that’s all for now, folks, people got appetites rolling in right around the corner and somehow they got conditioned that i will do something about it!

2 thoughts on “The Reason for Quiet

  1. Hey, welcome back! That was a long break. Nice to hear about you anniversary. Congratulations, by the way. Yours was a fun wedding! Did you know that Den and I went to college with the piano technician? Funny that he ends up by Cono. Met his daughters last spring.

  2. He told us he learned to tune pianos at Moody! Andrew just eats up having him there. He was gone all day and gave us our little tour at 9:00 at night.

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