No Deadlines, No Husband, No kids, No food, No et cetera

All that and I am spending my day in front of the computer. I used to have one day off a week while I was teaching and I would surf the Web. I learned a lot that way! I learned that ‘a lot’ is/are two words! I was on a chat list called Formal Grammar for a while. I spent time tryuing to sign in a Flickr account only to be told I have one and would I like to merge and what is the user and password for that… I do not know and I finally found Rachael’s pictures without signing in… via Nick! So I bookmarked them.

I was reading a book I picked up when I went to BH&G with Diana about cleaning up clutter. I can hear my family’s sighs of relief! At first, when you look at these books, they seem all about spending money or remodeling, or much younger houses. But as I keep reading , I can start working them into my own house. So in my head, I have gotten the bathroom fixed up. When the man comes home from Trade Show season we’ll dig in. I like to work on things in large chunks of time and get it all done, but I am rarely afforded that kind of time, so I have to think about tasks differently. One suggestion was going through all the drawers once or twice a year, even if you do just one drawer in the evening. If I think of it in those terms, I can do that. If I think that I am going to do the whole thing of something, I have to wait for Large Chunk of Time, or I won’t finish.

Scott and Mary came Friday night. They went to a Dayspring reunion while we took Joel’s mom to a cousin’s for dinner. She lives about 10 minutes away from Joel’s mom and just discovered it a couple months ago. It was Joel’s mom’s first outing since last September! It went pretty well but the wheelchair carrier really scraped on the driveway. We all cringed! We took Katarina with us, and she had a good time,too. She is always game for a good time, like her parents! The next day we found out that Scott had never had an Italian soda, so we trotted off to Lititz to the ‘Spill the Beans’ cafe and had our sodas. The young man was quite taken with them! We did a little shopping and came home and had yummy sweet corn for lunch. Nick had just showed up and Sam aroused from his Harry Potter book , so we had quite a party. They drove off and in a little while Jeannette and Ellis drove in. So we had a full day of kids! Jeanette took Luisa home with her for a few days, Joel has left for Atlantic City , and Sam is off to work, so I get to have Peace and Quiet. What is that line from ‘What About Bob”? “I’ll be quiet. I’ll be peace!” Actually I have paint cans in the kitchen wating to be opened and administered to walls. I think I can find the means to a grilled cheese sandwich and then maybe I will pop a paint can.


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