Our Funny Amish Friends

The other day as we were visiting our neighbors and I was speculating about what I could do for  a job, I saw a tour bus and I said, I could give tours. There is usually someone in the front who talks as they ride around the countryside. They started talking about someone they know who is “English” (non-Amish) who gives buggy rides and how an Amish friend of theirs, when he is riding in a car (not driving, mind you) likes to pull up alongside the buggy driver and say to his passengers, “Don’t believe half of what he tells you!”

Another friend drove our Amish friends out to visit people in Indiana and became so enamored with their culture he said, “Maybe I’ll become Amish” One of the Amish men said, “Can you wait till we get home so you can drive us there?”

This happened a while ago, but we were sitting with our friends having coffee in their kitchen and Jeannette dropped Luisa off and left. She had just gotten her first car, a stick shift , that day and when she went out of the driveway the gravel rather flew. So we were trying to explain manual and automatic to them. They looked at us with puzzled expressions and asked ‘Why.. would anyone drive stick.. when they could drive automatic????” I thought they walked right into that one! I replied “Why… would anyone drive a buggy ..when they could drive a car???” They hooted!

Asi es la vita (I think I spelled that right!) or Se la vie (probably not spelled right!)


4 thoughts on “Our Funny Amish Friends

  1. C’est la vie (this is life…need that verb in there.)

    The reason the gravel flew is that I was still trying to get used to the clutch…just in case there was any doubt. I wasn’t trying to tear out of an Amish driveway. 😉

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