Found Personalities

Jeannette started the personality ‘rage’ with her blog the other day. then she came here and showed us where to go and off we went! It turns out that Joel’s type is named the ‘creator’, I am the ‘originator’, Jeannette is the ‘dreamer’, Nick is the ‘engineer’ and Luisa is the ‘strategist’. We have to get Sam and Mary to do it yet! Years ago when I would take these things I always came out a monster or schizo or something. I am sure I was not an easy child to raise, but isn’t there something positive about every personality??? This site does have a ‘strengths and weakness’ aspect to it , and after reading the good news, you can take the bad news! Joel asked me if I learned anything by reading his. I told him I read in 5 minutes what it took me 25 years to figure out! I also felt like teaching taught me a lot about myself. There were questions I answered differently because I knew how others saw me. Jeannette said she had changed since she was in college. I think you get more honest about yourself as you grow older. I used to think I would never feed my children french fries! I remember a happy 2 year old sucking ketchup off the french fry! Yes, that story does connect to me! Nick said “The last time I took one of these they told I was like Albert Einstein , too!” I said “Yeah, he got kicked out of school and his mother taught him.” I love having the last word.

(I must have hit ‘save’ instead of ‘publish’. it is in bold letters, like a hint ‘push me!’)


2 thoughts on “Found Personalities

  1. So what’s the site that you went to? I did one last week that said “administrator”. Yuck! I would hate that job. But you probably understand that…the administrator side. Just a big boss!

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