Lost Personalities

Boy, I hate to write something and then it gets lost. I posted yesterday and it isn’t here. I hit that submit button and ran off. I did do spell check first. I don’t know if I can be as cute today as I was yesterday. I can say one thing. After reading other people’s blogs, I am glad mine is not in tiny writing. One of my friends from school told me her son would look at a book with small print and say” I can’t read this!” So she took him to the library and showed him the large print books and he thought he had struck gold! I don’t think it’s so much eyesight as it is the ‘crowdedness’ of things. Yes, sometimes I wear magnifying glasses and then my eyes can relax a little.

So Jeannette posts this little personality test on her blog. There must be a disease of people who like to answer questions by clicking little dots in holes. But we had fun doing it. I am the Originator (surprise, surprise!), Joel is the Creator, Jeannette the Dreamer, Nick the Engineer (“They told me I was like Albert Einstein the last time I took one of these!) I told him they kicked Albert Einstein out of school and his mother taught him! Luisa is the Strategist. Sam is the Slippery One, I can’t hold on to him long enough to take the test!!!  So if you want to see what this all means go to Jeannette’s Blog becuase I am still in my 40 something unsophisticated knowledge of which button to push unless I am clicking it on a whole to answer a question. I know some women my age who never get on a computer or all they do is email, but I am not sure they check it, unless they are waiting for an answer!!!


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