I’m Back!

Well, that just about says it all this morning! We left Friday around 6:30pm for Lookout Mtn and came back yesterday, enjoying wonderful hospitality all the way. In that short amount of time, We stayed with Jeannette’s in-law connections in Roanoke, Chris’s grandmother, who reminds me of my own mother, had lunch with John David Bell and his new wife, whose reception we missed this summer. They had some truly beautiful wedding pictures, so now I know what Sarah Haas looks like!! :>). We went up the Mountain and Lu showed us her room, and some of her favorite spots, like the ‘armchair rock’ . We took her to a friend’s house in Chatty to stay a few days till the dorms open. We used the weekend for our travel. We had supper with the Gienapps, who are among our oldest friends, and we hadn’t seen them for years. They encouraged Joel and me when we were young! Then we slipped into the DeWaters delightfully comfortable home while they were still out and had a little peace and quiet till they got home. Bill fixed us a great breakfast in the morning and we couldn’t help chatting and didn’t get started till after 10! We listened to ‘1776‘  by David McCullough on the way home.

When I replied to our headmaster’s call for a ‘letter of intent’ I told him I was going to plant a garden and reap it,too! So I have been reaping beautiful tomatoes this year. We seem to get rain at just the right time, and I have tons of 3-4 inch, perfectly round , meaty tomatoes. I have canned 50 pints and think I should make some sauce and salsa, as I buy those things rather regulary! Recently we went to a birthday party/dinner  for Joel’s Uncle Buzz and I brought this lovely , modest-sized platter of tomatoes, red and yellow, with sprigs of basil. The platter was Joel’s grandmother’s. Meanwhile Joel artsy Uncle Paul brings a 3 foot platter with four different colors of tomatoes plus slices of fresh mozzarella cheese! I just had to laugh. If I am going to be upstaged, may it always be someone as talented as Uncle Paul! If you would like to see his yard, which is quite nice, to say the least, it is in the September issue of Chesapeake Home. Maybe if I find it on line, I’ll post the link.Or take a look in the magazine section of the local bookstore

Officium vocat……officia vocant.

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