Which is Latin for “whatever”

My little old laptop blew up and so now I have to see if I can be comfy and write here, too. There is something about a laptop that entices you to write.

August was an extremely busy month. One morning I said to Joel” You know what day it is? August 30th!” It just went whizzing by ,leaving me feeling kind of exhausted. I re-wrote the 5th grade curriculum for the new Latin teacher and it was fun, but, as usual, I was pushing the clock to get it done! Lots of rain and garden work .

Joel’s boss asked me if I was interested in teaching English to some of the employees, so we shall see what materialises as far as interest. I have some ideas that I am working on. This is really the sort of thing I would like to do if it will grow to be enough.

We have had butterflies! Usually there are several just flying around, but they are thick in our pine grove. Last evening we took some friends out there to see to before it got too dark. The butterflies had gone to bed, lined up on a branch! It was pretty cool looking. I was struggling with camera batteries , so maybe I will try again tonight.

Joel and I signed up for sign language classes that start in 2 weeks. I got these children’s books from the library  that have videos with them of someone signing the story . I can only keep it for a week and then I can’t renew it. I said to the librarian,’And how will I learn anything that way?”

Did you know that Luciano Pavarotti died today? or yesterday. Today it was in the news. Good-bye to a great man. I listened to my One CD of him on my drive home from Quarryville today.

Oh and I was going to make a blog called ‘Life’s little luxuries’, you know, the sort of thing that can’t be bought, at least with not very much money, but make you feel rich! Hmmmm… maybe I can come up with a couple before i sign my tired brain off.

1. having friends over for dinner (or going to their house!)

2. A perfectly made bed (yes, I do that once in a while! There is a made bed that is less than perfect)

We did have another perfect day at the beach on Monday and managed to not get scathed by the Labor Day traffic. We got ice cream cones on the way home, just like we did the first time we went down this summer! Now it’s time to go hiking at Bombay Hook!

Well, now you know I am still alive, and maybe when it cools down a little the writing juices will flow again.


One thought on “quidquid

  1. Nice to see you’re still in the blog world! Sorry I couldn’t talk today. Any moment on the trip but that I could’ve talked a long time. Obviously I’m home now!

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