Life’s little luxuries

I said I was going to do it and so I am. Please feel free to add your own two bits!

Today’s luxury is the radio. I know sometimes we wish we didn’t have to deal with everpresent sound in the grocery store or pumping the gas, but wheto turn on the radio. Sometimes I hear things familiar, sometimes boring, and sometimes something fresh that astounds me. Yes, I am addicted to sound, but I figure that is the way I am wired! :>)  When we lived in Iowa and there were some really windy days , I could drown out the howl with the radio and sympathize with pioneer women who probably didn’t have much to listen to but bickering children ,and going nutso! I do like the sound of wind, don’t get me wrong, But when it went on long and loud, it was a luxury to have a reprieve.


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