What did I tell you?

About life’s little luxuries??? Well, one time I applied the ‘Mom” formula for finding a book at the library. First, you pray, then head for the biograpy section. Only on the way to our dinky small town library, I heard an interview on the radio (good ol’ NPR) of an author and his book. The author was James McBride and the book is The Color of Water. It is about a man whose mother is Jewish and his father was black, and he grew up in a huge family like the 8th of 13 kids, getting ‘lost in the sauce’, as he put it. Well, I walked into our dinky, smalltown library and picked it right off the shelf in about 2 minutes and had a great read. Later, I thought it was the kind of book I’d like to keep and so I bought another, but I gave it away to a bi-racial student of mine. The author turned out to be a jazz musician and you can look him up, but while I was sitting here at the computer with my radio going on, I hear that he is giving a freee concert at Millersville University tonight and I got to hear him!!!! So did Joel, because he was with me! :>) He plays the saxophone, but he has a band. It was really good. I liked him, and actually, I had never heard his music, but I knew it had to be good.hmmmm, my birthday is coming up soon! In his book he tells how in NYC, there was open enrollment in alll the schools for a certain period of time, like January or something. His mother would find the best schools for each of her children and they were taking public buses all over the city to get there, and that is how he got his start musically.

That’s all for now , folks. I don’t want to correct any more typos!


6 thoughts on “What did I tell you?

  1. great story! sounds like a great book. I think I would like to read it. Do you think Jonathan would like it? He is reading everything he can get his hands on these days…especially good boy stories. How cool that you got to go hear this guy!! BTW I emailed you about coming down Sat. for David’s b-day. I also invited Nick. let me know.

  2. Wow! That is so cool! I think that’s great how it turned out. Yeah, it does sound like a good book. What day is Dave’s birthday. I always forget he’s Sept. too.

  3. You woudln’t believe this, but I found the book on my shelf last night! I could’ve gotten it signed! Ouch! I must have bought two when I bought it! I do sometimes, so I can have a loaner and not cry if something happens to it. I kind of doubt if it is 10 year old material. It might have some rough spots.

  4. Luxury and oatmeal do not belong in the same sentence! Never liked the stuff and probably never will. I do liked the baked kind. Laura P. made some baked oatmeal that I liked. David’s birthday is today he is 45. We are having a party for him tonight, about 22 people counting us.

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