I thought while I was writing with titles of 3 capital letters, I’d keep going. Joel and I went to our first American Sign language class on Tuesday evening. I was a little nervous because I am afraid of forgetting everything from week to week. The nice thing about this course is that we are taking it together , so we can practice on each other. But our teacher drooled over our name and I asked the obvious question, “Are you Italian?” And, of course, she is. Remember those personality tests? I thought I saw myself up there teaching the class! We were all there at the appointed time, 6:00. and she comes in about 6:05, thinking that it started at 6:30 and she was early and could get her breath before it started! Then she is looking for all her things and another lady is running for all the things that she needs……. I have done it all, esp. the “Oh good, I am early” part, only to discover that I am late and not ready. It is a betraying feeling. But she gathered  herself quickly and started with aplomb in true ‘Melinda style’! Anyway, she starts by signing everything she says. I thought, ” I can’t remember everything, but I can remember a few.” So every now and then I would do the sign under the table so I would remember. Then about half way through class she told us to write down signs/words  that we learned in class. I grab my paper and start writing and others are sitting there in shock. It is really fun for me to watch another teacher teach a language and to be the responder.


2 thoughts on “ASL

  1. Way to stave off Alzheimer’s! I’ve been wanting to take some classes myself just for the stimulation. Once Will finishes college….$$$$!
    BTW, I was subbing in Kinder. today when you called. It was rest time!Later!

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