….is literally a ‘herdsman’s meat’, but it can also mean a jumble. So when I start out with meat, onions, peppers and tomatoes, whatever the result is, it becomes ‘goulash’. Last night I had some zuchini I threw in and lots of cheese on top. Remember saying “Parmee’zan cheese, please!” Now we are too sophisticated. What would they do at the market if I pulled that one out? They’s probable say, “You’re not from around here are you?” Those people who say ‘yooz’ when they mean ‘you’. I think I am going to have a fried egg sandwich for supper, with a tomato,mmmmmm. Sometimes the plain thing is the best. Imagine me saying that? Am I feverish??? I would also like some chocolate or an apple pie. I had my first apple of the season today and it was delightful.

See yooz latuh.

p.s. I thought since Rach wrote about oatmeal that I’d write about goulash! :>)


One thought on “Goulash….

  1. Payback, huh? When I took Mom up to Grace’s what do you think she had all ready for us when we arrived???? A big roasting pan of it. We ate it for three days. I’m growing up, I think. It wasn’t too bad!!!

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