Sister Day

Yesterday when I stopped at my Amish landlady’s to pay my rent, it was Sister Day. Her daughters and daughters-in-law had rallied together to get the fall cleaning done and the place was a beehive of busyness! They invited me to take up a bucket if I wanted! I just might have except I was getting some things for Sam to take to Luisa and he was leaving in an hour. I’ve been trying to get most of my cleaning done on Fridays. Today I decided I wasn’t going to try to do it all and I have worked only in the kitchen. If I start in the kitchen and do a good job, I’m tired of cleaning and won’t finish the house! lazy melinda. I have beautiful wood cupboards that I think are birch, because they look like Liz’s and hers are birch and they shimmer, especially when they are clean. Clean hasn’t been a big word around here for some time and I am finding out how much nicer things can be. It was a whole lot easier when there was a cleaning ‘crew’. Short of that, I could use a pile of sisters. It’s so much more fun than saying to myself “You can’t stop until you get the top cupboard doors done. You will not finish for sure if you don’t get at least that much done before you eat or write something entertaining on the computer.” See you later, girls. I’m getting hungry for a tomato sandwich.

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