Sight reading

  One reason I quit teaching was that I was losing my voice and I was afraid if I kept going, I may lose it altogether. I am still not singing much, although I think the singing is slightly better, but I have been playing the piano a lot. We have an old book “Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms” which I have always played from quite a bit in the Bach and Beethoven section, but when you get to Brahms, you just don’t sight read. I usually quit there. One day I thought, “Where am I going?” so I played very slowly and played every note. It’s an Intermezzo. Then another day I thought, “I could practice!” so I played the first page 5 times every time I played it without going on to the second. Now I am to the point where I am telling myself to know those notes and not think so hard about what they are, and I am going on to the second page. I feel as though I am carried into another world. My limited opinon is that you have to do Brahms to love Brahms. He is not understood on first glance and when you think you got it pinned he rearranges the furniture. For me, this is soul food.

I have the piano out in the middle of the living room so I can paint it, and decided to give it a good round while there was no carpet, no wall and lovely plaster wall acoustics. It is a big upright of quality, next best thing to a baby grand. It was made by a German family from Baltimore named Stieff and my tuner tells me it is of the Mason-Hamelin/ Chickering quality. I think it is nearly 100 years old. It has a full bass sound and sparkling high treble. For anyone who is interested.

There goes the timer . got to get painting

One thought on “Sight reading

  1. I keep meaning to get back on the piano, too. Alas, when the last guy tuned it, he broke two strings and did something so that the low b flat and e flat keys hit two strings at once. They are regularly hit in hymns especially. So I just don’t use it. Now it is out of tune. Need to scrape up the dough to pay a new tuner!!! I could then play for hours!

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