Inauguration day….

…was a week ago. The inauguration of Christmas music, that is. There is nothing like sprightly C-music to brighten a gloomy fall day ! We have to do a presentation at the end of ASL class and I think I will sign to Mannheim Steamroller’s ‘Silent Night’.  Jeannette and I have both been notorious for rushing at the C-music button. I remember one year I put my foot down and said, “No C-music until after Thanksgiving!’. That was a hardship. :>)

I got my first substitute day last Friday. It is really kind of fun for me, because everyone is glad to see me and I get to have lunch with old friends and I just have to make sure the students do what the teacher left for them to do. I would always get a little ticked off if the substitute didn’t do that! The other thing that would bug me is if the substitute didn’t require them to do Latin during Latin class and they would show up the next day when I was there with undone homework!!!! Anyway, I didn’t have a car that day so someone came and got me. Then I caught the Red Rose Transit  bus on the way home……. for the first time! Joel was so proud of me! I sang “the wheels on the bus go round and round’ with two bright -eyed litle black girls. They were ready for some fun, so I had to quit being so entertaining so they would stay in their seat! *sigh* (they liked ‘the baby on the bus goes waaa, waaa, waaa’)

Joel had a free ticket to Longwood Gardens as a result of his Friday seminar, so we went down on Sunday afternoon. We haven’t been there for a long time, maybe 3 years??  I can’t remember. Their fees went up so much and then there was the time thing. It was so absolutely relaxing! we checked out different spot or specimens that we are accustomed to checking out. Joel has a friend I call ‘Franky’ which is a franconia tree . Little blossoms in the spring, nice ornamental fruit in the summer, great fall color. I like the copper beeches. The meadow gives me a nice space fix and every time I visit the ‘idea garden’ which is mostly vegetables with some flowers mixed in, I think, ‘I could do that’, and I never do! There was even a railroad garden which covers something like 20 or so square feet with different RR running on different sets of tracks. Joel and I gazed on it for a while and I said, “You and Chris could do that!’ Such faith have I. Longwood holds a lot of family memories for me. One fine sping I took the kids every Monday morning when we were homeschooling. It was a great place to watch spring roll in. One time after a visit the kids made a big muddy mess in the yard and called an “Italian water garden’! After Sunday dinner Joel wopuld say, “Who wants to go to LG with me?” Most of us were recalcitrant because he would want us to gaze at specimens for as long as he wanted to (and we got bored). Mary always volunteered to go! Then she would lean on his leg and keep walking and sucking her thumb! A parent needs a good buddy with at least one kid!

Well, it’s off to the races, folks! Going to hang out with the girls and the grandchildren for a couple days.


2 thoughts on “Inauguration day….

  1. I always try to hold out on the Christmas music until Nov. 1!! It’s raining!!!!! Yeaaaaaaaahhh!! Ahhhh Longwood I think it’s been awhile since I have been there…probably two years. We watched fall season come and go one year while homeschooling. It was so nice to go for an hour or so every week…nice change of scenery and watched the mums come out more and more each week. have a great weekend with the girls and grandchildren.

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