Job-hunting and Journal-keeping

So I have been on the job hunt lately. I haven’t got a job, Nor am I waiting for something I am excited about. It is educational, however. I did have an interview for a fairly nice job this week, but it boils down to working in a small warehouse. I have spent the last 6 years in a windowless classroom and I am NOT going to do a warehouse job. The other warehouse had windows, but it was noisy. Not doing that either. So next week I am going to apply for making salad  and cutting desserts. At least I will have something pleasant to look at. I just can’t do something right now that takes a whole lot of brains. It just feels so overwhelming to me. At the beginning of the week I get all excited and by the end of the week I think, “I Don’t want to do this!”

I bought one of those nice leather journals you get at mega bookstores last summer and I began it last week. It is not a normal journal. It has categories, with tabs dividing the categories. I wanted to record things like the books I read. Sometimes I can’t remember!! The things I did in the garden, what was fantastic this year, and what I wish I would have done. Music I hear on the radio and wish for that recording, household hints and food tryouts I want to remember for their worth or lack of it! R. gave me a little ‘Florentine’ book years ago which I have kept in my Bible for a spiritual journal, and I have just filled it up. So I have a section in my journal for that as well. I hope it will be a treasure. When I was homeschooling the kids, we read a journal kept by George Washington’s grandaughter, whom he and Martha raised, along with her brother, at Mount Vernon. We loved that book and I thought that if no one had taken the time to write it down, we would have missed that pleasure 200 years later. The power of writing things down.

Happy November, everybody!


One thought on “Job-hunting and Journal-keeping

  1. Oooooo,nothing like a new journal. I have really enjoyed going back and reading mine. I love your little sections. It will be a fabulous treasure. Do you wish our grandmothers had had time to journal. They would have had fantastic things to read about now.

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