What I saw this Morning

Out my big picture window in the living room were what I call “All the happy , little juncoes.” I love juncoes, I am sure I have said it before. They travel in groups and flit around so fast that if you run for the camera, they will be gone. They seem to be cold weather birds. I never see them in the summer. They are charcoal colored and I love to watch them find the bird seed on the white snow, but today they were finding plenty to do in my driveway and around the pond, including catching a sip of water. Then there were a couple large flocks of geese, one has been grazing the freshly harvested corn fields and the other was in formation going somewhere…. the next corn field maybe. It is not hard to catch a squirrel or two running around with a nut in its mouth this time of year. A few minutes later I looked out again and there was Mr. Redtail Hawk, sitting on top of the backboard to the basketball hoop, leaning forward and peering into my house! The picture window was a straight shot for him! I watched him for a while, seeing the breeze catch his feathers and watching him turn his head all the way around like owls do, must be a bird of prey thing. Then I thought about my little fishies and moved enough to watch him fly off. My apologies if ‘he’ is a ‘she’. I really can’t tell.


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