Too Much

I just don’t know how to pick up from where I left off. I loved being around Calhouns after not seeing some for 30 or 40 years. It made my childhood seem real to me. I would tell my husband and children that I had all these relatives on my dad’s side and it was hardly believable. When we said good-bye to Uncle John , he said, “Hey, now I’m your step-dad!” And I said, “Yeah, and we’ll listen to you just like we did Dad!” It was great seeing Johnson relatives, too, but there are not such big gaps there and family reunions have made them real to my gang. I always want to know when we pass the Sturgis exit when we travel through Indiana. Last summer I think I slept through it and I felt bereft. We stopped at Nana and Bapa’s graves once and I always think we will again, but we are making tracks as we go by and the only sentimentality I can eke out is waving at Sturgis as we go by. Maybe next time we’ll just take an extra day and go ‘sightseeing’. Just to make sure I didn’t make it all up.

Yesterday JN got a Martha Stewart magazine. I’m afraid we’re both fans since we stumbled on  her Thanksgiving special about 20 years ago. We drooled. Today I picked up pine cones and gum balls and JN painted them. I have started a little village on my mantle and I am going to add some ‘trees’. Then I worked on my Advent calendar which is a gold paper chain with fun Christmas things to do on it. Here are a few and then I’m outta here.

1. Paint pine cones (and I got JN to do it for me!)

2. Put up outside lights

3. Bake Christmas cookies

4. Local concert

5. Put up garlands

6. Make a sundae on Sunday

7. Watch a Christmas movie

8. Have friends over for supper

9. Write the Christmas letter

10. Have a family soup/game night

11. Christmas Eve has its special place. We are allowed by the family grocery shopper to eat Junk Cereal. No one ever forgets that!

hmmm… sounds like so much fun, maybe I will do it in January, too . Have to do something about those winter blues!


3 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. yeah!!!! a blog by Melinda!!!!!!!!

    I always have those feelings when we drive by that exit too…thinking one day we will get off at that exit and go sight seeing. Maybe we should do it together since you know more about the area and have more history there….still haven’t found the CDs…sad.

  2. How refreshing to see a new witty blog! It WAS a great weekend, wasn’t it. I still have to bring myself to write a blog. I sat and wrote in all in my journal the other night. About 5 pages. Now I’m all talked out.

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