Outings and In-ings

On Wednesday, the first Big Snow of the year (enough to cause accidents and school closings), I took my Floridian Mother-inlaw to the doctor. The appointment had been made for some time and to change it would have taken her to June to be seen. It was a lovely day actually, it was just so funny that of all people to go out with , it was her! We actually did better than I thought. She got herself in and out of the car, in the wheelchair and out. A couple of times coming out of the car I had to pull on her arm, nicely, of course. She is a frail piece of work. The roads were pretty clear, but getting snowy by the time we went back. The main roads were just wet. She thought it was so far, and normally, it is about a half an hour, but we got where we were going on time with all the proper papers, which is a big thing, and the doctor took care of all the troubles she went to him with, so she doesn’t have to think about it till June, and then who know? I might be awfully busy running between babies!

Joel and I came home with a sore throat and a cold. He started falling apart Saturday evening. He started sneezing upon shifting into Park as soon as we got home! so we have been staying “IN”, at least since the aforementioned trip. We had a really busy October and November. December hasn’t stacked up so thickly, which is kind of nice. We can light the fire and grab a book.

I think I am hearing Judy Collins on public radio! Wonders never cease.


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