Library visit

I went to the library on Saturday , after going to the doctor’s, just in case I’d get stuck in the house and I’d want a good book to read. I was looking for something specific, but didn’t find them. That always happens to me. It’s sort of like shopping. You can always find something you like if you don’t have something specific in mind! I am not quite sure what I was thinking about, but in my foray in the basement of the library I came up with a book by Barbara Corcoran , who is a NYC real estate guru, a book about a New England town reclaiming their commons, a book about how the alphabet was formed, a book on Greek terms used in the NT, and, alas, a Latin book that I wanted to further peruse, and a book by Bill Buckley. I love Bill Buckley. He’s like a verbose roller coaster ride! I don’t feel the least committed to reading every word in every book, but enough to fill my interest!

Sam just walked in filthy dirty. I said , “What were you doing today?” He said, “He (his boss!) tackled me first!” Well, they were working in the muddy field. Then he told me how caked with dirt his face was and looking at his shiny face I wondered for just a second. A place equipped with hoses every twenty feet……. can you guess??

I guess it’s time to soak some jeans.


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