Christmas is coming and there ain’t no goose here

Okay, all my exciting news is that “we” have a new job. I really didn’t feel up to working yet, so Joel found an early morning paper route. So we get up at 3:oo AM, bag papers, jump in the car and go deliver together! My kind husband is doing this for me. People ask if it is hard to get up then. Lots of nights we stir around then, and sometimes, lay awake for a couple hours. Now, I’m doing something then instead of lying there thinking about how long it is going to be until I am asleep again! It’s a lot harder to wake up then and fall back to sleep for an hour and then wake up at 6 to get ready to go again. Plus, we get a free paper!

Joel’s invitation to write Christmas memories has been fun. It’s helped the mailbox, too. Luisa came home on Friday and went to Jeannette’s on Monday. I had to watch the girl movies I got for us by myself. I watched Les Choristes . Maybe that’s not a girl movie. It was interesting to watch it after listening to the soundtrack I got for her. I think I like the music on the soundtrack even better.

I’ve been trotting around trying to make my house look cozy and warm. Whatch’all having for C-mas dinner?? We are traditional about being untraditional, but we did decide some time ago that Italian fish tastes a whole lot better than Swedish fish…. at least until the Swedes decided to switch to candy. We had duck one year for the fun of it. There was a farm close by that sold it. I saw another place not far from here selling duck. Maybe tomorrow I will feel adventuresome. right now, I feel like going to bed. I keep thinking one of these days I will sit here long enough to figure out how to post a pic.

The library books are very interesting.


2 thoughts on “Christmas is coming and there ain’t no goose here

  1. Awww. Poor mom wathcing the girl movies all alone. You can keep them a little longer and watch ’em again.
    But I don’t know. I might not give her back. She’s made dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and given me a foot massage.

  2. Enjoying your pics on Flickr. Sounds like you have the mid-life hormones going for sleep, rather lack of it. I’m glad you have a team job and that you enjoy it. AND I do love that movie!!!

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