Winter…..and Spring

From the book Reclaiming the Commons by Brian Donahue:

“Every February modern New Englanders complain about the later winter blahs and how the snow has worn out its welcome. Everybody seems to be reading from the same tired old script. Television ads for escapes to Florida and the isalnds appear. People burn up jetloads of fuel to get away from — what? The dullest , dreariest time of the year? Sap is rising, lambs are dropping, garden seedlings are poking up in the greenhouse! By March, we at Land’s Sake seem to inhabit a world completely different from that of our winter weary neighbors, who gladly shell out a couple thousand bucks to flee the liveliest time of year. We are manic, they are numb. The quickening of spring is as dead to them as the road slush frozen in their wheel wells. Only that day dawns to which we are awake, said Thoreau, and I say only that spring comes to which we are engaged. Our culture is coasting deeper and deeper into neutral slumber, cruising through life with the automatic windows rolled up tight. People are no longer awake even to the everyday morning before their very eyes, let alone to any higher dawn. The bright spring sun puts out eyes a attuned only to video screens.”

Visit a greenhouse. Breathe deep. Buy a plant with some color. My favorite January plant is a Kalanchoe, a bright colored one. There might be some leftover Christmas cactus that was a little late budding for the holidays.

Melinda is going to work 2 1/2 days in the greenhouse, processing orders, at least during the “manic season”, which is beginning to settle in.

See yooz latuh.


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