Bits and Pieces on a January Morning

I often sit here doing other stuff and then I don’t want to sit and write. I think my brain hibernates in January, but I’ll try to throw a few thing s in here to make your reading interesting, at least.

I read Banker to the Poor by Mohammed Yunus, a Bangladeshi man who has made great strides in helping the very poor out of poverty. To me, this story is as powerful as William Wilburforce. I actually saw him on Oprah one day and thought I would get the book. He was an econmics professor at a B. university and the rural people were being starved out by a famine and coming to the city to work, and finding none, they would beg until they died in the streets, and that was fairly common. It made everything he was teaching seem farcical. He took a couple of students and went to he nearest village and started talking to people and often they only needed a few dollars just to break their bondage from the middle man, who was practically enslaving them, and make their own money. That first day he loaned $27, Then he went after it big time and didn’t loan his own money but worked with (reluctant) banks and foundations until there was enough base to have ‘his’ own private bank. Among the very poor the repayment rate is 98%. He says that’s because that is their only way out. There is also a book written  called Give us Credit, that is individual stories. What I found about interesting about this book and Reclaiming the Commons was the vision for the whole person each of these visionaries had and they keep working at it. It takes more than a lifetime, but a lifetime can have a much greater impact than we imagine sometimes.

I finally took the Christmas ornaments off the tree and the Christmas stuff off the mantle yesterday. Every time I went to do it before I would get such a whiff of the pine or fir or whatever it is, that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. And I didn’t mind the space it was taking up.

Our landlord wants to sell our house. An appraiser is coming on Tuesday. I am pessimistic about being able to afford it. They would have to really want us to have it. So we are checking out or options. And burning a lot of wood in the fireplace.

Scott and Mary are all moved back to Lancaster County. They are staying with his parents while he goes back to school. It’s nice to be able to see more of them. Really big adjustments for Mary, though. I cooked a nice Sunday dinner and told the boys “I’m cooking this Sunday. Scott and Mary are here” and Nick came in and remarked that the dinner fare had stepped up a notch from “Here’ s some spaghetti , if you’re hungry.” :>)

Yesterday at work I was determined to figure out how to make and print address labels. I always get hung up at the point where you want to make more than one per sheet. One guy I was asking was complaining about how it takes too much time, I should just write it. Then he said , ‘try this’ and it worked! So I learned a new thing. Learning takes a little time sometimes, but then you know how. I still have to figure how to get the copy machine to collate. I am not sure it even uses the word. Now if I can just get my nice Linux computer to do address labels for me I will have it made! :>) Or learn how to post pictures on my blog. That will probably not happen until I get high speed internet. I just spend way too much time Waiting at the computer.

Sam goes back to Temple this weekend, with classes starting on Tuesday.

I need to go forage for some good food.

Y’all have a great day.


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