Jury duty

Yesterday Joel had jury duty. In Philadelphia, no less. In the ‘elimination round’ he was asked if he was ever involved in a family business! When I had it I was asked if I was related to anyone who had been injured in a car accident! Wouldn’t that eliminate most anybody?! He had taken a couple of books along and I guess they were both pretty dry. I could have told him that about one. I couldn’t get through it. If you have got something to say, make it interesting! We are involved in an inner city ministry startup and my friend Terry was telling us the other day how she never wanted to teach kids because she never wanted anyone to feel or say that they were bored. So one craaaaazy evening , very early on, one girl stood on the table and said “I’m Bored!!!”….. and Terry was in charge that night. She did fine. She told her to get down and come do the activity she had planned and she wouldn’t be bored.

I took Christmas down about a week ago, but I couldn’t throw away the nice long string of popcorn Luisa made. Katarina found it ripe for snack the other day.She would pull it off or try to catch it with her tongue!file


I am wondering if the actual picture will show up.

Our house is going to be sold. It was appraised last week and we are trying to make up our minds. I think it is a bit of a stretch for Joel and me, not only money -wise, but upkeep as well. It is a lot of work. While we enjoy it most of the time, and we can foresee ourselves hiring out the mowing some day, we know we can never get it done. And that doesn’t bother us a whole lot, either, but sometimes it does. So we need to figure things out. There are days I wish for something considerably more efficient!

Well, that’s all for now folks. Maybe if I were in Honolulu I could tell you more exciting things!


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