Sticky notes

I have rediscovered how to use ‘sticky notes’ on my desk top. My son-in-law would be so proud. I have even recorded and detached all the notes I had stuck to my computer. For Your Information, aforesaid son-in-law built our computer for us and put on a Linux program with our permission. The Linux is a little different but far more verstile than Windows in the long run, but sometimes you just have to stick with it and learn. So every now and then I learn a new thing. A secretary at the office of Joel’s place of business has a husband who ‘messes; with computers and Joel suggested to her that he look into Linux. He is having a ball! Isn’t it amazing what sticks!

so I went to Sperlonga’s blog and put this on a sticky note because I can’t find my journal from where I was using it the other day, probably stuck under the sofa! But she had a link to another blog, so the author is actually Noel Piper.

You realize how unfinished your thoughts have been when you try to get them out of your head and into something cogent on paper.

Hurray for sticky notes and getting things out of heads to where we can see them!! A segue to that remark is ” You realize how unfinished the day’s tasks are if you don’t make a list!”

One year I divided my work at home aound my school schedule , and it worked, but I haven’t been able to think that all the way through since then!

gotta run

3 thoughts on “Sticky notes

  1. You know me, I’m list driven. And when I don’t make lists, I’m listless. HAAAAAAA! Double meaning there. Here’s my list for today: wash clothes, sort stuff for thrift store, bake Italian bread, plan activities for 2 1/2 hours of babysitting for school meeting, and make lasagne. Now I’m driven. Thanks for a great post! (BTW, my list is on a hot pink sticky note!)

  2. “You realize how unfinished the day’s tasks are if you don’t make a list!”

    Well, it works the other way. If you don’t make a list, you can feel pretty good about what you DID get done and not worry about what didn’t get done, ’cause you never committed to it in the first place. 😉

  3. Mine is to get a meal made for a homeschooling friend of mine and while I am at it, do the lasagne dubble and have it for Sunday dinner. After that I might to to Staple’s and make a blog ‘journal book’ for 2007. combed with a nice cover. I want to make them for the mamas (the great grandmothers!)

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