Lunar Events

Can you remember things by the ‘lunar event’? I was bemoaning yesterday how we had not had one full moon with snow on the ground this year. Yesterday afternoon it started snowing and enough stayed to ‘cover’ the ground, thus illiminating the night with the full moon on it. I remember tobagganing at Minne Estema park under a full moon with snow, and it was fluffy and Ron was steering, sort of. He said too much snow was flying in his face to see where we were going, but we all leaned when he told us to with no mishaps and we went nearly to the river. One time we Dibers traveled from Iowa to PA for Christmas and we flew through the bright night. Last year I sang with Em at a Christmas dinner and then drove through the moonlit night home, about a 45 minute drive. It always feels exciting to me! And then last night there was the lunar eclipse as well, which I stayed up to see a good part of it. ‘They’ said it would be the last one for 10 years!


2 thoughts on “Lunar Events

  1. Actually, it’s the last until 2010–that’s the 10 part! *smile* We watched it too. I know I’ve trained my kids right. Last night Linnea texted me asking if we were watching the eclipse. Yes! They love it too! One year in Italy I got them out of bed, and then the next year, it was right out the window at dinner time! I took pictures of the moon on the snow last month. Wish I COULD go sledding in the moonlight!

  2. I tried to share my excitement with Steven, describing what how the lunar eclipse might appear, and explaining that this really *is* a big deal … you know, “something you’ll never forget” talk.

    I could see he wasn’t moved.

    But at 10 o’clock I dragged him out to the front yard anyway, and then I couldn’t get him back inside.

    There are those few times when words simply can not stand in the place of experience.

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