The Daily Strength

Sometimes when I pray for strength I wonder what I am going to get, A surge? Tirelessness? Well, I felt neither this weekend as we were moving. What we got were friends who came and helped for an hour or two, a whole day, an afternoon or morning. Sunday morning I woke up and I thought ‘Our friends were our strength.’ Joel is totally amazing! He was the one with all the talent this past weekend as we moved out of our home of 11 years. He wowed everyone as he filled a storage unit to absolute capacity. We still need more space! The more I did, the more aimless I felt.  My good friend Grace came and took over ordering about around 11:00 on Saturday morning.We had our first garage sale on Saturday morning, as things were being loaded into a truck! We got rid of some stuff, other stuff is still in the garage. Got rid of some of Sam’s stuff!! We thought the weather would be pretty bad, and everything the forecasters said was true (rain, snow) and then the wind blew the clouds away and we had sunshine!  We still have the house this week to do finishing touches.I woke up shortly after 6 Sunday morning, among earlier times and I still felt like I had been hit by something big. I had been determined not to miss church and I really wanted to go to my sister Emily’s, even though it is a two hour drive, It’s a nice drive. I dozed off again and was able to get up. We had to walk about a block to our car and the walk felt good. I struggled with tears some during church and went to the bathroom for a few minutes and then I was okay. We had a lovely dinner at Em’s and enjoyed friends and rolled back home again before we were totally through! I stopped at a drug store as we were leaving their town and bought Advil, sleeping pills, Burt’s Bees lip balm and ginger ale! I had a good night!


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