What I did today

We are staying with some friends in their wonderful Lancaster home until we find a place to live. Their house used to be a warehouse so it has nice exposed beams in it and a cozy feel, lots of books and kitchen gadgets so we feel pretty at home already! My project of the day was to move out of the suitcases and make our our room feel like home, which I did. I also took a 45 minute walk, or I would have sat around in my pajamas and read all day. Truly, the reading material is endless! The first thing I noticed is that this really cool Italian restaurant is within 10 minutes walking distance, the Rosa Rosa. I walked all the way to the railroad tracks and found myself passing the Lancaster Arts Hotel, so I went in and browsed their little gallery there. I wanted to go to the bookstore on Chestnut St. but that was near the end of my walk and I wanted to get back and I know that that stop will entail serious time for me! I passed a few ‘young people’ and then one of them grabbed his skateboard and flew down the street with the rest of the traffic. I came back and had a little lunch and conked out for an hour and a half. I don’t think I have napped for that long since I quit teaching. Tomorrow I will take a different route and maybe I will remember to get camera batteries. I passed the camera store, too!


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