Morris Arboretum

Morris Arboretum

Originally uploaded by Diberjones

This is me and my favorite grandson so far! Ellis was in top happy form and we began happy memories of running around a garden with a new generation. I remember my mom taking off with the stroller Sam in the stroller) with the 3 olders running alongside at Longwood Gardens and I was sauntering behind with my days-old baby and I said to some other “old ladies”. “What kind of gramma is that?!” :>)


5 thoughts on “Morris Arboretum

  1. A GREAT grandma! And Ellis is very blessed to have such a young đŸ™‚ and vivacious grandma! You two look great together.

  2. What a fun grandma! You know Longwood has family passes now. So we can pay one fee for the whole family. It is actually cheaper now than before! It’s like a $105 for the whole family! We might have to look into that if we move back up there.

  3. Morris Arboretum is like 5 mins away from me. So nice! It’s like a mini-Longwood, wh. is about all I can take right. I’d love to go to longwood again, soon. I haven’t been there since we moved back up here. But I’m not tackling the long walk until I lose the bowling ball attached to my front. đŸ™‚

  4. I think you look young. Especially pic of you and Joel on flickr-not aged in 10 years! I have more gray than you.

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