New Morning Mercies

This morning as Joel and I were delivering papers in the fog we suddenly came upon a black steer in front of us! As we were thankfully going on I told Joel we we needed to do something about it. So we turned around and honked a few minutes until the farmer came out. By then the cow had “flicked her tail” and run into the nearest field. I’ve seen calves romp off like that, but a full grown cow….?
We also saw a couple of raccoons scramble across driveway in front of us. we knew there is a raccoon back there so we easily ascertained what those strange balls of fur were. I bet their momma gave them what for!


2 thoughts on “New Morning Mercies

  1. Ah, what a lovely way to start the day! This morning it was still dark and the birds were chirping. I couldn’t help but crack the window and listen, despite the 26 degree air!

  2. If you look at Gentino’s blog about your church, there is a picture of Joel doing the offering with David G.! 🙂 I guess those must be photos of your friends, too.

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