Longwood Conservatory

Longwood Conservatory

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I took this picture just so I could blog it! I wrote nice newsy post and then pushed ‘post’ instead of ‘publish’ and it ran away… so sorry. I hate wriing things twice, but I’ll do my best! we went to this parade on Saturday. We had been out earlier and thought we had missed it, and so we came back to the house and i worked in the kitchen and Joel took a nap. I went into the bedroom to open a window and we could hear cars honking and sirens wailing. Joel bolts upright and says’ “That sounds like a parade!” So we go running down the street to the parade. Then we went to Longwood Gardens. It was a little chilly so we did the Conservatory thing, dawdling over the heating vents when we could. THEN we met Emily and Dave for supper. We went to this cozy little place in the curving Chester county countryside. David said that was about the best meal he’s had in his whole life! I think he forgets some things!
Oh, and one more thing. Sam called me this morning and said he was playing Grace in Online Scrabble and winning by 104 points! It made me laff and laff! I’ll have to find out what happened after that….

One thought on “Longwood Conservatory

  1. I read your blog and laffed and laffed! On the way back to our friends house we said about ten times, “That was so fun!” Thanks for a great time and a great dinner.
    You know why I love cooking for David? It’s always the best dinner! đŸ™‚ Just kidding…but he is easy to cook for.

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