The Countdown

Today is Monday. Thursday is our ‘settlement’ date in which the house passes from previous owners’ hands to ours. Yea! yea! Yea! Today I am getting laundry done, room straightened. files ready to go to people they need to go to as we do our business, and packing up a bit. We have thoroughly enjoyed the hospitatlity of our hosts and our comfort  here, but most assuredly we are looking forward to being  on our own again! If you don’t get this message elsewhere, we are going to have a party on Friday evening from 6-8, BARRING the birth of a grandchild, so you better dubble check! Bring a folding chair if you expect a seat!

I’ll write more later when I feel more contemplative, Right now I am just on the accelerator!!!


3 thoughts on “The Countdown

  1. That’s great! I didn’t know you had found a house – will you still be close to where you’ve been? Can you post a picture of the house? What do you like best about it? MKC

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