The latest edition

Annika Evelyn was born at 10:30 Tuesday night! I don’t know how much she weighs, but sh looked pretty normal to me! Pretty and Normal! Mary had a C-section as the baby’s heart rate kept dipping with every contraction and she was having rouble with her blood pressure. Katarina held her for about a mintue and then wanted to go play. I am steadily working on the move-in. All our stuff is in and we are finding places to put things and putting them there. We’re schedued to get our computer hooked up some time tomorrow! I’m at Jnet’s right now playing with the other baby till the other one gets home from the hospital. I did get to hold her this morning.


2 thoughts on “The latest edition

  1. Yeah!!! Another beautiful grandchild for you!!! congrats to everyone! Wow, your life is really busy this summer with babies and moving. Maybe we could come see your house sometime.

  2. I just saw the pictures on J’net’s Flickr, that’s how I found out about her! Congrats. Two boys, two girls what fun! Now if only my kids would get in the game……

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