I wrote this on June 2nd

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.And a time to write

As I wake up in the mornings, my brain starts roaring along and is full of things to say if only I could get them out fast enough! Right now I am sitting in my ‘treehouse’. Joel and I took one of the small bedrooms that is currently holding our king sized bed and a small ‘boudoir’ chair. It has east and west windows and we can catch a nice cross breeze. It also has a balcony off it. So I can sit here with my laptop and watch the sun rise… or set!

I have been on a Philip Yancey kick since last summer. I started with ‘I was Just Wondering’, then ‘Rumors of Another World’, ‘The Jesus I Never Knew’ and now I am mostly through ‘Soul Survivor’. I don’t usually read so much of one author in so short a time. I bore easily of the same thing, but Yancey continues to be interesting in every one of them. ‘Soul survivor ‘ is about the characters who have shaped his life by their example and include Paul Brand (of course) and John Donne (and several others), so it is a mini biographical sketch of several people. Lots of things I never knew.

The church we have been going to for the past several years has always seemed to attract French speaking people. A couple of weeks ago our music director handed me a song that is originally French and I thought “I am taking this to Mike.” Mike was a missionary in Cameroon, which is a French speaking nation, and he sings beautifully. Well, he already knew the song, and his family was having French speaking friends over that particular Sunday and they knew the song, too, so we had a solid start on a new song! Nah, most of us sang it in English, but we got to hear it in French. I think that a song has a special beauty in its original language. Hans Deutschmann knew the German to ‘Take thou my Hands and Lead me’ and wrote them down for me and I have done that. In our new church in the city, sign language seems to be the rage. Joel and I know a leetle bit, but there a couple families with grown children who sign and yesterday when we were singing our last song, one of them started to sign. We had a visitor who has a deaf child, who wasn’t with her and her husband, but they sign, too! It amazes me the little or big things we do that make a resounding connection with someone else. I often feel like signing when I am singing.

Yesterday I lay down for a little while in my treehouse bed and fell asleep for a little while. I woke up slowly to what sounded like a family party and it was all in Spanish. I laid still, just listening to the music of it all for a while and then I got up to see what it was and it was the Spanish speaking church across the street letting out. Some family party! Some of my neighbors speak mainly Spanish. Our names fit right in around here.

Luisa is home for a couple of days, with a place to go finally! She claimed the top of the house. Tomorrow I take her to the camp she will be working at for the next couple of months.

So you thought this blog would be about the baby??? Well, you can read about the baby on Jeannette’s blog! The baby and his mother are doing very well and I will write a bit every now and then. I had a wonderful week and Luisa got to stay with C&J as well. A week ago Sunday (the day he was born, no less!) I was holding him for a while with his little warm peanut self all snuggled up on my chest and I was dozing off with the oozy goozy feeling of it. Then I passed him to Chris’s dad and he did the same thing, and then his mom did, too! I think Ellis likes the new ‘toy’ his mommy brought home!

Well, this is enough for one sitting. Laptops get warm on your lap and I am hungry for brekky!

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