Most days I don’t feel like I accomplish much because there is so much left to do, or the ‘little’ I do just takes time and it just doesn’t look huge when I am done. But TODAY, I cleaned the basement and got things where I wanted them and got things out that didn’t belong there, straightend out my laundry area, found things I was still looking for and vacuumed up a LOT of dirt that had probably been sitting there for years. I used a shop vac with a bag. I also took another walk around the neighborhood before I got to work. I always think of cities as stagnant places, after all where is a building going to go??, and maybe that is true, but I can keep walking down a new street and see a new thing. This morning there were wonderfiul roses hanging over the front fence and I drank it in!

Joel got the place fininshed to put in the piano which arives home Tomorrow. Chris built bookshelves in the living room. Accomplishment with an A.


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