Setting Up Housekeeping

Our friends added the following quote from Homer’s Odyssey to their 30th Anniversary party invitation:

“There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their  friends.”

Odysseus had more enemies then normal, but I didn’t want to lose this delightful quote! We had fun at their party. She is one of my mega-music friends and she has a little pump organ she was happy to use while we sang. She is from Nova Scotia and we wondered “where do you go for a honeymoon when you are from NS????”

Setting up housekeeping for the ninth time (I’ll be I have at least kept up with the Navy wives) is proving to be daunting. I feel like I can hardly function and every day is consumed with putting what where?? And where did that go? and I haven’t seen that yet! Just found the last of my cookbooks, the most important ones! Our bedroom is pretty functional, and we can usually find our clothes when the laundry is finished. The kitchen looks better yet today and I don’t think I have anything  yet to put in it except the dishwasher that got unloaded into the basement! We see floor space everywhere but the dining room and living room. I told Joel every time I go to the hardware store it ends up being more work for him! I never remember it taking so long.

We did take a vacation day and went to Baltimore for our anniversary. It looked like last year’s anni, but shorter….. and considerably less expensive!  We took a picture of ourselves and I totally lost it. It’s not in my folder or ‘flickr’ and I cleaned out my camera. I did that last year, too.

Well, if you don’t hear from me for a while, I am desperately trying to finish this unpacking job. I need a desk and a sewing machine and not the bottom of yet another cardboard box!!! Anybody wanna help? I’ve got Lemon Dream bars in the freezer! To keep me from eating them All At Once!


4 thoughts on “Setting Up Housekeeping

  1. M – If I lived closer, I’d love to come help! I enjoy pilfering through other people’s things 🙂

  2. Well, this Navy wife only moved 7 times from the time she was married, and that counted a move before she was a Navy wife. Yeah, I’d like to come and help, too….. Where are the people who live close? I’m AM going to go help a young mum who just moved back here from Iowa City, so I’ll be of some good to someone!

  3. Just a note on the moving thing…I’ve only moved once since 1992! Sixteen years! And one of my moves was just across the grass to the next duplex in Scotland.

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