Post Scriptum

I can see the living room and dining room floors now. And as for those who are close…. Our biggest boosts have come from our kids. Sam and Sarah got us where we could see things. Chris built us bookshelves. Nick helped finish emptying out our storage unit. Luisa just came this last Saturday and helped me do serious damage to the number of book boxes. I think I have 5 left, and they are not big…… not much shelf space left, either! Jnet and Mary had babies…….. :>)

I had dinner company for the first time yesterday! (Outside of family!) A friend whose husband was out of town, mentioned it at church yesterday and and I just said, “Wanna come for lunch?” I learned that when I invite people to lunch on Sunday, they might as well go home and change and come around 1:15. There is not only the big church across the street, there are 2 more churches within a few blocks. When I got here around 12:30 I got the last parking space anywhere within the radius of a block.  I grilled chicken for them. They were thrilled. Luisa had ridden with friends who went to Hershey Park and so I zipped over to a meeting place in York to get her an.d bring her back. On Saturday we took 462 all the way to Lancaster from York. I have always wanted to do that. When we went through Wrightsville she was reminded of the book ‘Flames Over the Susquehanna’ that she’d read in 6th grade, which is about the burning of the Wrightsville bridge to keep Confederate soldiers from crossing it. there is a new bridge now, but you can see the rocks in the river where it was. They are all overgrown so it is like regulary set rocks in the water.

We had  a birthday number two party for our Katarina and we are all slow in getting the pics up , but between Jnet, Nick and I there should be enought entertainment for a little while! I’ve graduated to ‘flickr pro’ so I can download video. Haven’t tried it yet, but I will! We had fun withour beautiful babies! But the 2 and 3 year olds were the main entertainment! Luisa got to come, too!


One thought on “Post Scriptum

  1. Yea! Nice to hear you’re getting things organized and settled. We had company for dinner Sunday, too, and then we realized that it’s the only time our family is together. So company will now be invited other days than Sunday. Will and Andrew like to be relaxed w/o others there that day!
    “Sam and Sarah” hmmm, who’s Sarah?

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